Welcome to "MANSECOREA". I'm a professor of Dept. of Civil Engineering in Inha University, Koo, Min-Se.

 Up to now, I'm teaching many students and I have 17 domestic patent rights, 8 types of useful construction methods and 42 types of construction methods are being meditated  as new method of bridge construction. Internationally, I got the patent in 15 country(USA, Japan, etc). Besides the 103 countries, we applied for 2 PCT that are claimed priority in 103 countries and applied for patent right in Japan about whole construction process and pile construction method, the method of manufacturing of preflex beam. During the time, in many of the actual bridge construction works and our proposal can make it possible to open the new paradigm in bridge construction method. Having such a experience and result, we commence a venture 'MANSECOREA' and are approved as excellent company. Having a patent about new construction method, We improve bridge construction method and make up for problems in civil structures and architectural structures. Our major works are to pervade the design and construction skill and to direct the these methods. Our improved methods are as follow.

 And 'MANSECOREA' will make effort to evolve the improved methods.
  Our LOGO implies "Chun-Ji of Baekdu mountain". It is the symbol of our national spirit. MANSE means a permanent development, Y10K(Year Ten Kilo) and COREA is Korea's old name, also it means COnstruction, REsearch, And... It's our purpose in the future.

 We appreciate that we can introduce 'MANSECOREA' to you and we hope to listen your advice and opinion about our company.

 We promise that we make a advanced company "MANSECOREA" with you.

 Thank you. Best Regards.

2000. 8. 10
MANSE COREA President Koo, Min-Se