The construction method of fabricated preflex beam


 The construction method of fabricated preflex beam is that first assemble divided and manufactured I-type steel to be equal with displacement line when the designed load is applied with bolts, and then after putting it on the frame in the factory, apply the preflexion load which is about designed load. So, You can introduce the prestressed compressing stress which is against the tensioning stress that is occured when the designed load applied to the positive moment section to cast and cure the casing concrete at the lower flange of this I-type steel beam, and  in the construction place, Another compressing stress can be introduced at the linking part of the positive moment section to apply the secondary preflexion load to the divided preflex beam.

 Manufacturing in the factory instead of in the place, you can mass produce the preflex beams, so you can reduce the period and the expense of the materials and improve the quality with the better manufacturing environment.  


manufacturing place

manufacturing level

manufacturing in the factory

level 1 : Connect the steel



level 2 : Apply the first preflex load



level 3 : Cast casing concrete and unload



level 4 : Divide preflex beam and shift to construction place



picture of experimentation



construction in place

level 5 : Reconnect the preflex beam



level 6 : Apply the secondary preflex load



level 7 : Cast casing concrete of joint and unload



level 8 : Finish the fabricated preflex beam.



picture of experimentation