A new method of manufacturing four preflex beams simultaneously for straight and curved beam.


 The typical way of producing preflex composite beam is to make two preflex beams simultaneously by putting one beam on the top of the loading table and the other beam under the loading table respectively. However, it is normally said that this method is faced with the buckling problems as well as long period of time for producing preflex composite beams at construction site. Moreover, the existing method could not be applied to any construction of curved-bridge due to the torsion problem. The new method developed in this study is to make four preflex beams simultaneously by putting two beams on the top of loading table and the other two beams under the loading table, respectively. In doing so, we arrange several diaphragms between two beams to bind tightly so that we can solve the existing problems such as buckling and torsion. In addition, the new method enables us to produce curved preflex beams as well as to save a great deal of construction period with this new method. furthermore fabr

ic manufacturing is also possible.



[Front View]


[Side View]

[Ground Plane]


[Manufacturing steel girder]

[Setting loading table]

[Connecting steel girder using tied bolt]


[Casting casing concrete]

[Steam curing]


[Turn over]